Progress Humanity’s empirical study of religion and conflict is a unique initiative that leverages advances in data capture and computing technologies with existing academic literature for the purpose of enhancing global understanding of religion related violence.

Violence in the name of religion is common throughout history but remains misunderstood. Although some of today’s most protracted conflicts persist in Muslim majority countries, most empirical studies reveal Islam is not the cause of these conflicts. Instead factors such as autocratic regimes, primary commodity dependency, and presence of a youth bulge make Muslim-majority states more conflict prone.  Similarly, studies including measures of either religious fractionalization or religious groups do not find significant evidence for the claim that religion causes violent conflict. Despite an already established body of literature on cross-section between religion and conflict, the field remains underdeveloped. By enhancing global understanding of religion related violence, government, corporations, and civil society organizations can formulate better policies aimed at reducing conditions of global conflict.

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