SELRES_454a6b53-bac3-4322-a67a-ee01ef8117b2SELRES_98e543ee-e3b0-42fc-b1d4-9b0be24843daSELRES_75b7a7e5-72b5-4fa1-b6fe-961a99926b74Cassandra Campbell is the Executive Director of Progress Humanity (501c.3 non-profit) and a seasoned media consultant. Cassandra has spent 15 years as a market executive and media consultant serving a variety of clients in the entertainment industry, Silicon Valley and foreign policy. As a media consultant, Cassandra worked with several Grammy winners as well as TV and film actors. Prior to her work in media she helped shape marketing campaigns for several technology companies in Silicon Valley, including the campaign launch Microsoft CRM 3.0. Besides media and marketing, Cassandra also works in foreign policy conflict and crisis communications. Cassandra has worked in and traveled to 29 countries (and counting) including a study abroad in Bonn, Germany. She has a bachelor of Political Science degree from San Francisco State and a Master of Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. While studying for her MPA, she also completed several international public policy special studies at UCLA on subjects including: Iran and Nuclear Proliferation, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Cyber Security/Cyber Warfare, Egypt and the Arab Spring.SELRES_75b7a7e5-72b5-4fa1-b6fe-961a99926b74SELRES_98e543ee-e3b0-42fc-b1d4-9b0be24843daSELRES_454a6b53-bac3-4322-a67a-ee01ef8117b2


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